Ideal kitchen?

I'm always quite fascinated by medieval-like kitchens, I'd like to have one for myself one day... But until the moment one is rich enough to buy an old medieval farm-castle in France, one must stick with dreaming. I also happened to need a new background for the Inventário de receitas. So (after I saw this amazing composition tutorial actually) I made this one (click for bigger version):

It's basically a collage of many different pictures found on the net, plus a bit of hand-painting, all made with gimp. I didn't want the cheezy warm, yellowish, abundant, feasty look of the usual clichés about middle ages, but rather a more austere, cistertian idea with a lot of white stone and smoke.

I tried to do spend a bit of effort on the composition too, with that "bottom-left to upper-right" movement, made by the smoke, the light, and the green elements of the picture... Maybe not the best possible result, but it's a start... Enjoy!